Register a U2F security key for identity verification

If your Salesforce admin has allowed the use of Universal Second Factor (U2F) security keys, register your own security key to connect it to your account.

  1. From your personal settings, enter Advanced User Details in the Quick Find box, then select Advanced User Details. No results? Enter Personal Information in the Quick Find box, then select Personal Information.

  2. Click Register next to the Security Key (U2F) field.

  3. If you don’t see this option, your Salesforce admin has disallowed the use of security keys.

  4. For security purposes, you’re prompted to log in to your account.

  5. At the prompt:

    • If you are using an IDmelon Reader, insert it into the USB port of your device, tap your smartphone to the Reader which starts blinking blue for a few seconds to receive the notification.

    • If you are using IDmelon Pairing Tool, you will receive the notification on the smartphone which is already paired with your computer.

  6. After successful registration, click Continue to dismiss the confirmation message.