Log in with both a password and your security key.

Before adding a security key to your GitHub account, you must first enable 2FA via a TOTP mobile app or via SMS. Check here.

  1. Sign in to your GitHub account.

  2. In the top-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then choose Settings.

  3. In the Access section of the sidebar, click Password and authentication.

  4. Next to Security keys, click Add.

  5. Under Security keys, click Register new security key.

  6. Type a nickname for the security key, then click Add.

    • If you are using an IDmelon Reader, insert it into the USB port of your device, tap your smartphone to the Reader which starts blinking blue for a few seconds to receive the notification.

    • If you are using IDmelon Pairing Tool, you will receive the notification on the smartphone which is already paired with your computer.

  7. The Security keys section is updated with your security key information.