Log in with security keys as two-factor authentication

To enable 2FA security key authentication after enabling 2FA on your Cloudflare account by clicking the Manage button:

  1. In Security Key Authentication, click Add.

  2. Enter your Cloudflare password on the Add a Security Key screen, then click Next.

  3. A dialog appears. Interact with your security key to add it to your Cloudflare account.

    • If you are using an IDmelon Reader, insert it into the USB port of your device, tap your smartphone to the Reader which starts blinking blue for a few seconds to receive the notification.

    • If you are using IDmelon Pairing Tool, you will receive the notification on the smartphone which is already paired with your computer.

  4. Enter a name for the security key. If this is the initial setup, you will be prompted to generate backup codes. If not, skip to Step 8.

  5. Enter your password.

  6. Click Next again to review your backup codes. Backup codes can be used to access your user account without your mobile device.

  7. Click Download, Print, or Copy to save your backup codes in a secure location.

  8. Click Next to finish the configuration.