Sign in with security keys as your two-step verification.

Bitbucket supports security keys that use the FIDO U2F standard. These keys only work with a recent version of Google Chrome, which means that you need to install or update your browser if you want to begin using a security key.

Before adding a security key to your Bitbucket account, you must first enable Two-step verification.

To add a security key:

  1. From your avatar in the bottom left, click Personal settings.

  2. Click Two-step verification under Security.

  3. Under Security keys, enter a name for your device in the text box.

  4. Click Add security key:

    • If you are using an IDmelon Reader, insert it into the USB port of your device, tap your smartphone to the Reader which starts blinking blue for a few seconds to receive the notification.

    • If you are using IDmelon Pairing Tool, you will receive the notification on the smartphone which is already paired with your computer.

  5. Done!