Duo Admin

In this document you are going to set up IDmelon as an external IdP to the Duo Admin.

Login to Duo Admin administration panel

To enable administrator SSO:

Role required : Owner

Log in to the Duo Admin Panel.

Click Administrators in the left sidebar, and then click Admin Login Settings.

Add Identity Provider

Then Scroll to the Single Sign-On with SAML Configuration section of the "Administrator Login Settings" page.

Enable SSO by changing the "Authentication with SAML" setting. The options for this setting are:




Selecting the Optional or Required SAML authentication option exposes the rest of the SSO configuration form. You’ll need to enter below information about IDmelon identity provider in the SAML Identity Provider Settings section:

Identity provider: Custom Identity Provider

Configuration method: Manual entry

Configure SAML 2.0 IdP

Get all values for {..} from your IDmelon panel.
If you are currently login here, you will see the replaced values instead.

Entity ID or issuer ID: idp_issuer_uri

Assertion consumer service URL or single sign-on URL: idp_single_sign_on_url

Single logout URL: idp_single_sign_on_url

Certificate: idp_certificate_download_url

Encrypt assertions: Require unencrypted assertions

Request signing: sign messages from Duo

SHA-1 signatures: Uncheck

Signed elements: Everything must be signed

Click Save

IDmelon SAML configuration

You should Download metadata file(XML file) and copy values of below fields from this Duo panel to IDmelon Panel.

Copy Entity ID or Issuer ID

Copy Assertion consumer service or single sign-on URL

You should copy values of below fields from this Duo panel to IDmelon Panel.