Microsoft Approval

Microsoft Azure AD Trusted Security Key

No matter how strong passwords can be, still stolen passwords are one of the most commonplace causes of data breaches. FIDO protocol which is the strongest standards-based authentication available is the best alternative. With FIDO, in addition to guaranteed security, users can have a convenient passwordless login experience. With the use of public key cryptography techniques, FIDO2 security keys can replace weak credentials with strong credentials.

The FIDO2 security keys from IDmelon Technologies Inc. is on the list of Microsoft-compatible security keys. IDmelon FIDO2 Security keys enable you to safely authenticate to an Azure Active Directory joined Windows 10 device that’s part of your organization. IDmelon, as a Microsoft partner, empowers you to have a secure digital life with offering innovative FIDO2 security keys and modern solutions and ensures that your security on all Microsoft products and services is fully guaranteed.

MISA Membership

IDmelon has joined MISA (Microsoft Intelligent Security Association), which allows them to work closely with the Microsoft Teams and the leading security service providers working with Microsoft to enhance the security of their mutual customers. The MISA also promoted IDmelon FIDO2 smartphone-based passwordless authentication product, which is compatible with Windows and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

IDmelon in collaboration with Microsoft enables users to effortlessly use what they already have, i.e. their ubiquitous smartphones, as a USB security key to login to Windows, cloud services such as Microsoft or any FIDO2 supported platforms on their PCs without typing a password. So, users simply and securely use biometric authentication on their smartphones to authenticate their identities and go passwordless, and therefore, concentrate on what they do instead of carrying the burden of an extra physical object, i.e., a security key.

Azure AD helps IDmelon deliver passwordless solutions that are convenient, highly secure, and time-saving. Protecting everyone on the journey to the passwordless world is inherent in IDmelon’s vision and mission: to secure the world for everyone any time anywhere!