Individual Panel

IDmelon not only provides services for business users but also provides services for Personal Users. This page includes information for people who want to use IDmelon for their perosnal purposes.

All IDmelon perosnal users have an individual panel at IDmelon which they can access through this link.

Create Personal Account

If users already have an IDmelon account on their smartphone they can login to their panel by opening this link and clicking on Sign in with a security key tapping on their IDmelon Mobile App Security Key.
To create a personal account users have two ways, the first way is through a smartphone and the second way is through IDmelon Website.

To create an IDmelon account by a smartphone, please visit Mobile App Guide page.

To create an IDmelon account in IDmelon Website, please reade the following instructoins.


First open IDmelon Panel's Login page and click on Create one!


Choose Personal because you want to create a personal account.


Fill in all the fields and click on Continue.


If you like to sync your panel with your smartphone, scan the QR code that is shown on your browser, this will add your account to IDmelon Mobile App on your smartphone, remember that you have to approve adding this account to your mobile app by tapping on Approve. After that click on Next.

It is also possible to skip this step.


Pay attention to this page, because this page informs on how use login using your smartphone security key. You should either download IDmenlon Piring Tool or have an IDmelon Reader to login to your panel by your smartphone as your security key.

Click Login to move to login page and login with your smart phone.

For more information about Pairing Tool refer to this page.

For more information about Reader refer to this page.


My Security Key

In this tab you can see your Current Plan and account status.

Activity Logs

In this page, users can see their login activities.


As you can see in this page, by clicking on Send an Activation Email you will receive and email which contains an activation link, by tapping on the link on your smartphone you can activate your security key.

User Options

When you log in to your IDmelon panel, you can see your username on the top right of the panel alongside a blue box and a small arrow pointing down. If you click on the box or arrow or your username, a Dropdown menu will be opened with 3 options. The first option is Security, the second is Profile Info, and the third is Logout.


This page shows all the security keys that a user has connected to his/her account.

Note : Before trying to add a security key device to your account, install IDmelon Pairing Tool on your computer and pair your smartphone with it or have a Reader ready to use. To download Pairing Tool visit this link. To ready your Reader visit this link.


By clicking on Add Security Key, a user can add a new security key to his/her account. After clicking on Add Security Key, a wizard will open and asks about how a user wants to create a new security key. Here we recommend to choose External Security Key or built-in sensor, because this document is for personal users and most personal users do not have other devices such as Reader or Contactless Card and this option enables user to user their smartphone as a security key.


There will be two wizards shown by user's operating system which ask user for Security Key Setup permission. Users have to give this permission.


If user's smartphone is already paired with Pairing Tool, then IDmelon application pop up a screen which looks like the screen below, tap on the security key that you want to rejister your account on.


Tap on Approve.


On this step, smartphone's GPS and Bluetooth must be turned on as well as the Bluetooth of user's computer. This helps IDmelon application to prove that the user who is using a certain phone is close to the computer that he or she is using and thus adds the device to user's account.


If everything is done as explained, user's smartphone will be added to the account.

Profile Info

This page shows user’s information. Here is a sample image.