User panel

Every user has 2 sections in their panel. On section is SSO (Simple Sign-On) which enables them to login by using their active accounts and security keys. The other section is the Dropdown menu which enables users to access their profile and settings.

SSO (Simple Sign-On)

Every user has the Simple Sign-On option in their panel. By clicking this option, they can see My Apps. Inside My Apps, they can see a page the same as below. This option allows users to access the applications and websites which they can see in their panel by their own security keys.

By default, there is just Microsoft added to users' panel.

User Options

When you log in to your IDmelon panel, you can see your username on the top right of the panel with a small arrow pointing down. If you click on the arrow or your username, a Dropdown menu will be opened with 3 options. The first option is Security, the second is Profile Info, and the third is Logout.

If you click on Security, you can see the page as shown below.

Inside the Security, you can see your security keys as well as a button which allows you to add new security keys. By clicking on the Add Security Key button, a wizard the same as the one below will be shown. Click on OK if you want to continue adding a new security key.

The next wizard again will ask if you want to continue adding a new security key. Click on OK to continue.

The following wizard asks you to touch your security key in order to add it to your panel.

By touching your security key, a new security key will be added to your panel.

If you click on Profile Info, you will see a page which looks like the page that is shown below.

In this page you can edit your username, phone number and email.