Deployment Overview

Step 1: Downloading the Adequate Items

  1. Go to the App Store of your smartphone and download the “IDmelon Authenticator” application.

  2. Download the IDmelon pairing tool to your computer.

Step 2: Accepting the Security Key Invite

  1. Using your smartphone, go to the email that you have received from IDmelon and tap on “Activate.”

  2. This will automatically activate your security key on your app, and you should see a security key icon when you go to the IDmelon Authenticator app.

Step 3: Pairing Your Smartphone and Computer

  1. Once you hit “Activate”, open your pairing tool app on your computer, and the authenticator app on your phone. Click on “Pair a new smartphone” on the pairing tool, and the QR Code icon on the top right of the smartphone app. Scan the QR Code on your computer and get them paired. You can also refer to this video.

Step 4: Adding Security Key to Microsoft Account

  1. Before doing this step, talk to your IT Admin as this might have been done on behalf of you by them. If it has been done, skip this step.

  2. If it has not been done and your IT Admin requires you to do it,


    If a QR Code pops up at the last step once security key is selected, select other method and select security key (this UI gets changed often by MS, the end goal is to select security key) -> Approve the push notification on IDmelon Authenticator. Refer to this video for an easy setup.

Step 5: Authenticating into Microsoft Account

  1. Go to and click sign in.

  2. Select “Sign in Options”

  3. Select “Sign in With Security Key”

  4. EITHER select “use phone or tablet” and scan the QR Code with your IDmelon Authenticator. This video shows using the QR Code.

  5. OR select external security key and approve the prompt that is sent to your IDmelon Authenticator app on your smartphone.