FIDO2 Client PIN Complexity

Here are the steps to set the PIN complexity in workspace settings:

  1. Access Workspace Settings: Log in to the administration panel and locate their workspace settings area using your administrative credentials.
  2. Navigate to Workspace Settings Section: Under the “Settings” section, locate and click on the “Workspace Settings” section.
  3. Navigate to PIN Complexity Section: Inside the workspace settings, look for the box labeled “PIN Complexity”.
  4. Configure PIN Complexity Items: Within the “PIN Complexity” section, you’ll find a set of configuration items that determine the complexity requirements for PINs. These items include the following options:
    a. Require digits
    b. Require special characters
    c. Require lowercase letters
    d. Require uppercase letters
    e. Maximum PIN length
    f. Minimum PIN length
  5. Modify Configuration: Review the default configuration of each item. To modify any of these configuration items, click on the corresponding option. For example, if you want to require uppercase letters in PINs, click the “Require uppercase letters” checkbox.
  6. Save Changes: After making your desired changes to the PIN complexity configuration, remember to save your changes by clicking the Save button. This action applies the new configuration settings to the creation of PINs going forward.
  7. Generate PINs: Going forward, the system will generate PINs for users based on the updated configuration settings. For example, if you’ve enabled the requirement for uppercase letters, the system will ensure that generated PINs include at least one uppercase letter.

By following these steps, you can set up the PIN complexity requirements in your workspace settings. These requirements help enhance the security of PINs by ensuring that they meet specific complexity criteria, as defined by the administrator.