Disable Activities Logs

These are the steps to disable activity logs for a user:

  1. Log In: Start by logging in to the administration panel.
  2. Access User Detail View: Navigate to the “Security Key Management” section and locate the “Users” section. Find and click on the user’s email address (username) to access their detailed view.
  3. Edit User Information: Inside the user detail view, look for the edit icon, represented by a pencil icon. Click on this icon to initiate editing mode.
  4. Uncheck Auditable Option: While in editing mode, find the “Auditable” checkbox. Uncheck this option to indicate that you no longer want to log activities for this user.
  5. Save Changes: After unchecking the “Auditable” option, make sure to save your changes by clicking the “OK” button.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully disable activity logs for the selected user. This means that their security key-related activities, such as registrations and logins, will no longer be logged or tracked.