What is a Shared (or Generic) Account

Shared Accounts are a special type of user account that involves the intentional distribution of login credentials, such as passkeys and passwords, among multiple users, allowing them to utilize these credentials for authentication in various contexts. This collaborative approach is often chosen when a group of individuals requires collective access to a shared resource, such as a computer. A distinctive feature of this approach is that while the credentials themselves are shared, each user is equipped with an individualized security key device in the form of a Contactless Card or Smartphone. This device serves a dual purpose: not only does it facilitate the authentication process, but it also offers a clear means of identifying the specific user who carried out a given login activity. Shared Accounts enable administrators to grant access to any Contactless Card or Smartphone registered in the admin panel (for any user) to be able to use the credentials of a specific user (the Shared Account) for logins. This powerful feature enhances access control and satisfies a common use case described later in this user guide. Let’s delve deeper into the details of Shared Accounts and discover how they can enhance your user management capabilities within IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform.