Add a Contactless Card as a Security Key

Steps for adding a Contactless Card as a Security Key:

  1. Access Security Key Management: Click “Users” under Security Key Management section of admin panel to manage users.
  2. Initiate User Addition: To add a single user, click on the “New User” option. This will open a wizard for adding a new user.
  3. Enter User Information: In the wizard, enter all the necessary information about the user. This might include details like name, email, username, etc.
  4. Choose User Groups: In the next step of the wizard, select the groups that you want the user to be a part of. These groups might determine the user’s permissions and access rights.
  5. Set Up Security Key: In the third step of the wizard, turn on the toggle for assigning a security key to the user.
  6. Choose Contactless Card as Security Key: Select “Contactless Card” from the dropdown menu as the Security Key Device.
  7. Name the Contactless Card: Set a name for the contactless card to identify it within the system.
  8. Choose Activation Method: Depending on your proximity to the card and the user’s involvement, choose how to activate the card.
    a. Activate Now as an Admin: If you have the card physically near you, choose this option. The card will be activated immediately.
    b. Activate by User: If the user needs to activate the card themselves, choose this option. A registration link will be sent to the user.
  9. Complete Activation: Depending on the chosen activation method:
    a. Activate Now: If you chose to activate the card as an admin, click the “Assign Contactless Card” button. Tap the card on the reader when prompted to do so.
    b. Activate by User: If the user needs to activate the card themselves, inform them about the registration link. The user will need to follow the link and complete the activation process.
  10. Reader Driver Installation: Make sure that you or the user has installed the necessary reader driver on the computer where the card will be used. If needed, you can download the driver from the provided link.
  11. Confirmation: If the card is assigned and activated successfully, click “Next” and “Confirm” to finalize the assignment.
  12. User Notification: The user will receive an email containing a PIN for their contactless card as a security key device. They will need this PIN to use the card for secure logins.