Import Users from LDAP

This guide is for importing your required resources, including users, groups, and devices, into the IDmelon panel via LDAP.

Creating and Obtaining a Token

  1. Go to the IDmelon panel and then click on Settings from the Workspace section.
  2. On the Settings page, click on the API Key Management section and then click on the Create button.
  3. Choose a desired name for the token in the Token Name section and then click on the Next option.
  4. Copy the displayed token value.

Downloading the Tool

  1. In the IDmelon panel, go to the Users menu and then All Users. Click on the Import Users option and select LDAP from the dropdown menu.
  2. On the displayed page, download both the SyncStream.exe and config.json files and place them in a folder.

Configuring the Tool

  1. Open the config.json file and change the following values according to your LDAP settings:
  2. Set the AUTH_TOKEN value according to the copied token value from the token creation and obtaining step.

Running the Tool

  1. Configure the config.json File

    • Ensure that the config.json file is correctly configured with the necessary settings.
  2. Check Connection to Active Directory

    • Verify the connection to Active Directory by using the healthcheck parameter.
    • Command: SyncStream.exe healthcheck
  3. Retrieve List of Groups

    • Get the list of groups by using the group parameter. The result will be saved to a file named group_list.txt.
    • Command: SyncStream.exe group
  4. Prepare Groups for Syncing

    • Open the group_list.txt file to review the list of groups.
    • Based on this list, create and save the groups you want to sync in the group_filter.txt file.
  5. Sync Selected Groups

    • Run the sync process to synchronize all selected groups along with their users and the list of devices with the API.
    • Command: SyncStream.exe sync

Quick Commands Reference

  1. Edit Configuration:

    • Edit config.json
  2. Health Check:

    • SyncStream.exe healthcheck
  3. Retrieve Groups:

    • SyncStream.exe group
  4. Edit Group Filter:

    • Edit the group_filter.txt file based on the group_list.txt file.
  5. Sync Groups:

    • SyncStream.exe sync
  6. Check version:

    • SyncStream.exe version
  7. Log:

    • SyncStream.exe sync --dump
    • SyncStream.exe sync --log info


  • Run Health Check option to ensure this tool can communicate with AD and the remote API:
    • SyncStream.exe healthcheck
  • Add --dump to each command you run to save logs to a log file.
    • SyncStream.exe sync --dump
  • Add --log info to each command you run to see more info.
    • SyncStream.exe sync --log info