Import Users from Entra ID

Steps for importing users from Entra ID:

  1. Click All Users under Users section of admin panel to manage users.
  2. Initiate Import: Click on the Import Users button on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Choose the option Entra ID (Azure AD). This will open a wizard for importing users from Entra ID.
  4. Authorized Access: You might be prompted to grant permission for the application to access your Entra ID. Follow the prompts to provide the necessary permissions.
  5. Select Entra ID Groups: Inside the wizard, there will be a dropdown menu where you can select Entra ID groups. Choose the groups from which you want to import users. Then, depending on whether you want add new users or update the previously-imported users from Entra ID, you can check the right box. If you have previously imported users from Entra ID, users that already exist in your workspace with a matching email address will be updated by the syncing process.
  6. Confirm Information: Review the selected Entra ID groups and the information that will be imported. This is presented in a summary format for your confirmation.
  7. Initiate Import: Once you’re satisfied with the selected groups and information, click on the “Import” button to start the import process.
  8. Import Progress: Importing users from the selected Entra ID groups will start and the process might take some time, depending on the number of users.
  9. Completion: Once the import process is finished, you’ll receive a notification of the imported users. This could include details about any errors or issues encountered during the import.

Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to access Entra ID and that you select the appropriate Entra ID groups from which to import users.