Import Users from a CSV File

Steps for importing users from a CSV file:

  1. Click All Users under User section of admin panel to manage users.
  2. Initiate Import: Click on the Import Users button on the top right of the All Users page.
  3. Select Import Source: Choose the CSV File option. This will open a wizard for importing users from a CSV file.
  4. Upload CSV File: In the wizard, click on the Select File button to upload the CSV file containing the user data. Ensure that the CSV file is properly formatted with the required user information.
  5. Choose User Groups: After uploading the CSV file, you might be asked to select the group(s) that you want the imported users to be added to. This is an opportunity to assign common permissions or attributes to the imported users.
  6. Security Key Device: If you want, you can also assign a card as a security key to this user.
  7. Confirm Information: Review the information from the CSV file that is about to be imported. This is typically presented in a summary format for your confirmation.

Ensure that the CSV file you’re uploading adheres to the required format and includes all the necessary user information fields.