Manage OUs (Create, Delete, Edit and Assign Users)

To manage Organization Units (OUs) in the workspace menu, you can use the “Organization Unit” section, nestled within the Workspace menu, for definition and management of Organization Units (OUs). OUs play a fundamental role in structuring and categorizing users within the system, and effective management within this section is paramount to maintaining an organized and streamlined user environment.

  • Navigate to the “Organization Unit” section in the Workspace menu.

  • Click on the “+ Organization Unit” button to initiate the process of adding a new Organization Unit.

  • Provide a name for the newly created Organization Unit in the designated field. This name should succinctly represent the purpose or nature of the unit.

  • Optionally, add a description to provide additional context or details about the Organization Unit. This description can serve as a reference for administrators and users alike.

  • Once the name and description are entered, proceed to the user assignment section.

  • In the user assignment area, select and assign the users who will be associated with this Organization Unit.

  • Save the changes to finalize the creation of the Organization Unit, incorporating the specified name, description, and assigned users.

If you select an OU from your list (in the Organization unit section), you can simply use the delete icon in the cation bar to delete the selected OU. Also, the pencil icon in the last column of each row, can be used for editing the OU information and changing its assigned users.