Offering Managed Security Keys

Smartphone as security key

The accessibility of smartphones makes them a globally popular all-in-one device that people use for almost anything and barely keep them out of sight. And with installing IDmelon Authenticator app on your smartphone, only within a few minutes, you can easily use it as a FIDO2 security key to log in to your accounts, such as Microsoft or GitHub. To start using your smartphone as a security key, you need to either pair your smartphone with your PC using IDmelon Pairing Tool, or have an IDmelon Reader, plugged into a USB port on PC. Each method has unique benefits and can be chosen depending on user types and workplace needs and policies. More information about smartphone as a security key is available here.

Employee badge or access card as security key

ID badges that are a must-have in companies, make personal identification much easier and faster. They are carried around with employees for identification and enable specific employees to gain physical access to restricted areas using readers. With IDmelon, badges can be used as a FIDO2 security key for logical access, too, making logins simple and quick and bringing considerable benefits to companies. More information about contactless card as a security key is available here.