Create your Administration Panel

IDmelon Admin Panel is a platform where you can manage users, activate users' security keys, instantly grant or restrict access, carefully monitor users' access, and do many more things. To access the IDmelon Admin Panel, click here. Present your security key to experience a frictionless login or create a workspace on behalf of your organization if it is your first try.

Create an administration panel

  1. Choose Work or School on behalf of your organization.
  2. Fill in all the fields with your information including your email address and phone number
  3. Enter your company’s URL and Name. You can also add your company’s logo.
  4. In this step, choose the device that you like to use as your security key to see a page based on the security key device that you have chosen, or you can Skip it for later.

To activate your security key, based on your device, please follow one of the bellow sections:

  1. Smartphone
    a. Choose Smartphone as your security key device and click on Save & Continue.
    b. There are different ways to pair your smartphone with PC. You can use the camera on your smartphone to scan the QR code on your PC screen. Also, you can open IDmelon Authenticator on your phone and click on the three line menu on the top left of your screen. Then tap on Scan QR Code and scan the QR code, or from the same menu, click Add New Security Key to be able to go through scanning. You can click the Pairing icon at the top right corner of the homepage of IDmelon Authenticator app as well.
    c. Click next and either download IDmelon Pairing Tool or use your IDmelon Reader to log in to panel by your smartphone as your security key. Click Login to move to login page.
    For more information about IDmelon Pairing Tool refer to this page and for more information about IDmelon Reader refer to this page.
  2. Contactless Card
    a. Choose Contactless Card as your security key device and click on Save & Continue.
    b. Based on your own card reader model click on rfIDEAS, acs, or HID to download the driver. Install the downloaded driver and click on Next.
    c. Enter a name for your security key device and click on Set up your Contactless Card.
    d. Touch your device (tap on your Contactless Card) to register your card.
    e. Click on Done to receive your PIN via email.

    Note: When you register your Contactless Card, you will receive an email containing a PIN which you need to use when you want to log in with your contactless card.

  3. FIDO2.0 Hardware Security Key
    a. Choose FIDO2 Hardware Security Key as your security key device and click on Save & Continue.
    b. Enter a name for your hardware security key and click on Register.
    c. Touch your Hardware Security key.