Manage Shared Tablet/iPad

Shared mobile devices refer to mobile devices, such as tablets or iPads, that have been designated as shared resources among users. These devices are configured to enable users to log in to them using their ID badges or contactless cards through the IDmelon authenticator app. This approach allows multiple users to access and utilize these shared devices for authentication purposes, enhancing convenience and security in scenarios where a single device is used by multiple individuals.

To manage shared mobile devices in the admin panel, follow these steps:

Managing Shared Mobile Devices:

  1. Access Device Management: Log in to the admin panel and navigate to the “Device Management” section.
  2. Navigate to Shared Mobile Devices Section: Under the “Device Management” section, locate and click on the “Shared Mobile Devices” section. This section is where you can manage the mobile devices that have been designated as shared resources.
  3. View Shared Mobile Devices: Once inside the “Shared Mobile Devices” section, you will see a list of the mobile devices that have been configured for shared usage. Each device entry includes details such as device name, its platform, the creator (the user that added the device as a shared device) and creation date (the date that the device has been added).

Remember that the process of designating a mobile device as shared begins from the device itself, using the IDmelon authenticator app. By utilizing the “Shared Mobile Devices” section in the admin panel, you can effectively manage the devices that have been designated as shared resources. This functionality enhances the flexibility of authentication within your system, providing users with the convenience of using shared devices while maintaining security through their ID badges or contactless cards.