Import your Devices from Entra ID

Steps to import devices from Entra ID:

  1. Access Device Management: Log in to the admin panel of your system and navigate to the “Device Management” section. This is the area where you manage devices and their associated settings.
  2. Import Entra ID-Connected Devices: Click on AD Connected Computers under the “Device Management” section, and then locate and click on the button labeled “Import Entra ID-Connected Devices.” This action initiates the process of importing devices that are already joined to Entra ID.
  3. Choose Account: After clicking on “Import Entra ID-Connected Devices,” you will be prompted to choose the Entra ID account that you want to connect to your system.
  4. Sign-In (if needed): Depending on the configuration and security settings, you might need to sign in to your Entra ID account for authentication purposes. This step ensures that you have the necessary permissions to access and import devices.
  5. Redirection: Once you’ve selected the Entra ID account and completed any required sign-in steps, you will be redirected back to your admin panel.
  6. View Added Devices: In the admin panel, navigate to the “AD Connected Computers” section under “Device Management.” Here, you will find the devices that you’ve successfully imported from Entra ID.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to seamlessly import devices from Entra ID into your system. This functionality is particularly useful for scenarios where you want to leverage Entra ID-connected devices for various purposes, such as defining security key policies to control access to specific devices. Keep in mind that you might need to provide the necessary permissions and authentication to establish the connection between IDmelon admin panel and Entra ID.