Tying a Shared Device to a Single User Account

To Tying a shared device to a single user account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the administrator panel.
  2. Under the security tab, select security key policies.
  3. Set the default policy to the Block.
  4. In the security key policies page, click on “+ New Policy Button”.
  5. In Policy Name and Priority step fill the fields, give your policy a name that would be shown in policy list and a priority. A smaller number means higher priority.
  6. In set conditions step, you should specify the user you want to bound to the shared device.
  7. Also, in set condition step, you need to choose the device you want the selected user to be bound to.
  8. In the select action step, you can choose between two actions, Block or Allow. In this case we want to bound a device to a single user and the default policy is block, then we need to set the action to Allow. When it’s done click on the Next button.
  9. In Review & Submit you can check all inputs and verify if you did every step properly.
  10. You can see the policy in the security policy list.