IDmelon Reader

IDmelon Reader is a small BLE reader that connects to a USB port on a PC to enable a user to log into the PC, websites, and applications without a password. IDmelon Reader allows a user to authenticate their identity by simply tapping their smartphone, Key FOB, or Access Card on the Reader in order to log in.

Everyone can use IDmelon Reader, but it is specially designed for shared PC environments in which multiple users can use a single PC without compromising security. It is ideal for deskless workers, shift workers, and people who are constantly on the move, not anchored to a computer/desk, or work in industries such as retail, education, manufacturing, or healthcare as well as workplaces where mobile phones are restricted.

As the name suggests, it is a reader, which is designed to read, that is, it allows you to tap your smartphone, Key FOB, or Access Card to log in.

No, you don’t need one if you do not share your PC. An individual who does not share their laptop/desktop does not need an IDmelon Reader and therefore can log into the computer and websites by simply approving a notification on their smartphone. However, in shared PC environments, where multiple users log into the same computer, or wherever users use a Key FOB or an Access Card, an IDmelon Reader is plugged into a USB port on the PC to enable them to go passwordless after a single tap on the Reader.

Yes. IDmelon Reader allows an unlimited number of users to use their security keys to log into Windows, websites, and apps on the same PC in a convenient and secure way.

An unlimited number of users can use the same IDmelon Reader.

With IDmelon, you don’t need to carry an extra physical object, i.e. a security key, around all the time. And in addition to unlimited storage capacity for credentials, credentials can be both managed and audited. It also helps enterprises reduce deployment time and costs significantly, as there is no longer a need for HR for security key purchase, distribution, replacement, and delivery.