IDmelon provides you with passwordless authentication services for both personal and business purposes. With IDmelon, everyone can use their iPhone or Android smartphone, Key FOB, or Access Card as a FIDO2 security key, so that they no longer need a password to log into their laptop/desktop and online services/accounts such as Microsoft, Office 365, GitHub, or any other FIDO2 supported platforms.
The IDmelon FIDO Orchestration Platform helps organizations simply and quickly deploy secure passwordless authentication for their users. Features like Security Key as a Service, FIDO2 managed security keys, and fully automated FIDO2 lifecycle are patented and unique approaches that help organizations enhance their workforce authentication security overnight. No more dealing with purchase and distribution of hardware FIDO security keys as organizations can use whatever device their users have as a FIDO2 security key. It can be an Access Card, Key FOB or smartphone.

Using passwords for authentication will cause many threats to users. FIDO authentication protocol removes passwords and their related threats by providing users a simpler passwordless login experience. IDmelon as a pioneer, implements smartphones as a security key based on FIDO. To ensure that this solution is more secure, despite the security considerations in FIDO (described here), IDmelon has also considered and implemented many security controls to increase the level of confidence for its users which is described in IDmelon security section.

IDmelon eliminates the burden of carrying an extra physical object, i.e. a security key, around all the time which is cumbersome, unnatural and at a serious risk of being lost, stolen, damaged or left behind. IDmelon offers a great user experience by enabling users to use whatever they have as a FIDO security key, be it their ubiquitous smartphones which are rarely out of sight or a Key FOB or an Access Card for a great tap-n-login experience.
IDmelon offers Security Key as a Service which cuts the costs of hardware security key purchase, distribution, replacement, and delivery.
And most importantly, the IDmelon Admin Panel allows enterprises to monitor and control their employees’ security access etc.

In addition to management panel, IDmelon allows users to share a PC by a single tap of their smartphones on an IDmelon Reader to go login without having to pair their smartphones with the PC via Bluetooth.

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