User Provisioning

Prerequisite for Azure User Provisioning

This feature will help administrators register their user's security key on their account on their behalf, so the user can immediately use the security key to access their account without any registration efforts.To use this feature, the following conditions should be met:


Pairing App Software should be installed on the PC you want to use to register a credential for user. Download from here.


Temporary access pass should be enabled for your Azure AD workspace for all users or at least for the ones you want to register on their behalf. You can find more details on this here.


The target user should be imported from Azure AD, using Import from Azure AD option in Users & Security Keys, or be synced with Azure AD, so that there is an equivalent user in your Azure AD.


When an IDmelon administrator tries to import users from Azure AD for the first time, they will be asked to log in to Azure to grant necessary permissions. The admin who is doing so cannot provision themself in IDmelon, as Azure prevents this action. For example, if [email protected] is used to import users from Azure AD, this user can't be provisioned from IDmelon Panel.


The target user should be assigned a passkey security key, but it is not necessary to be activated in IDmelon Admin Panel.

Azure User Provisioning Steps


Click a user you have imported from Azure AD to see user's details page and from the top choose User Provisionin.


A wizard will ask you to select a service and say that OBR will be enabled, and as long as it is so, any credential registration will take place on the selected user's security key. Select Microsoft Azure and follow the instructions.