Security Key Policies

Each organization may want to have a variety of authentication policies for different groups of users. From this section, an organization’s admins can create new authentication policies to apply to users’ security keys to limit their access by multiple factors such as time period, IP Address, RP (relying parties) that users are trying to reach, and location they are trying to login from.

Create New Policy

The first step is setting a default policy to Allow or Block using the Default Policy button. Then, the New Policy button can be used to add a new policy in four following steps:

Policy Name, Description and Priority

Selecting the name and description of the policy and setting its priority to determine when and in what order the policy must be checked.

Policy Conditions

Each policy can be set with multiple conditions including the following items all of which must be true for the policy to apply:

Security Key Device Type (Smartphone, Contactless Card, Any Type)

User(s) and Group(s)

Time Limits(multiple periods of time for different days of the week)

IP Restriction(the connection IP address)

RP Restriction(the Relaying Party)

Access Restriction on PCs (Available only for Contactless Cards)

Policy Action

There are only two options including Allow and Block for the policy action.

Review & Submit

In final step, everything can be edited and corrected if necessary, and submitted if everything is as expected by clicking on the Confirm Button.

Note : in each step there is a Previous button which can be used to edit the previous step.